Thursday, January 13, 2011

Venus Does Riverview - Prologue

Oh, hello there, everyone!

It's me...Felicia. I'm just hanging around, waving at y'all and looking in the opposite direction. Normal sim activity.

My sister, Candi, and I are here to introduce you to my newest story, The York Chronicles: Venus Does Riverview.
Say "hi." Candi.


Uh...ok, guys, just ignore her. She's antisocial.

I am not antisocial. I am just plain pissed.

Ummm...what the ham fat? What could you have to be pissed about?

I think it should be obvious. I have been begging for face time, and been given very little. And when you finally do? You go and give yourself a shiny new makeover and leave me in the same old rags you created me in. That is SO just like you, ugh.

Uh...yeah...well...ok. That's not the point. The point is we are introducing my new story. Can we please stay on topic?

*sigh* Whatever. As long as you promise to make me have long blonde hair when you FINALLY get around to making me over.

...uh. Ok. Whatever you say. Moving swiftly forward.

A long, long time ago (ok, a few months, whatever) my sister and I started somewhat of a challenge on The Sims 2. The challenge was to see who could make the sluttiest girl.

So, that's how the concept of "Venus York" came about. She was the girl that I made for the challenge. It was great. She was a romance sim, of course, and she was seriously slutty. She woo-hoo'd with almost everyone in town. Even the fugly ones. It was amazing. I loved her.


Aren't you forgetting something? 


Like how I totally won that challenge because I made the sluttiest girl EVER?? Hel-LO! I even hired gardeners and butlers and stuff for her to woo-hoo with after I finished with all of the townies. My girl was totally sluttier than yours.   

Ok. Whatevs. But since we are becoming detail oriented, I think YOU are neglecting one. Like, the one where you had to delete your girl because you married her to Malcolm Landgraab and they created something we now know as "Monster Baby." I think that means I win by default.

Oh. Em. Gee. That does not even count! And I can't believe you would bring that up, I still have nightmares. Andi so won that challenge long before I ever foolishly mated her with Malcolm.

*sigh* If I say you won, does that mean I can continue without you hi-jacking my prologue anymore?


Ok. You won. You had the sluttiest sim ever. *rolls eyes*

You aren't telling me anything I didn't already know.

Oh my jeez. It never stops. I am about to turn moveobjects on and delete you. You know that means you won't come back.


Much better.

 So...back to my prologue. That is how Venus eventually began. As a floozy. But she wormed her way into my heart and became my favorite sim ever. She eventually married a man named Richard, and various disasters ensued. I played her family through numerous generations. I'm pretty sure that she was still a young adult and had great-grandchildren. Since I have been playing Sims 3, I have been trying to recreate her, to no avail. Just recently, I struck gold.

...I managed to recreate her. 

So, of course, I immediately want to start some sort of story with her. Well, as luck would have it...I have had an idea that has been rolling around in my head for awhile now. I tried using my sim 2 recreation of my mom's favorite sim, Danger Manson...but it just didn't have the right FEEL to it.

 I needed someone ruthless, and evil, but with a certain charm.

That Venus York.

Blah, blah, blah. I still think my simself would have been perfect for the role.

I wanted to use Venus and it's my story.

I know where you keep your laptop when you aren't using it. I can perform a takeover, y'know.

Whatever. Moving on.

 So, with this new story...I bring you Venus York. Her traits are charismatic, flirty, evil, good sense of humor, and friendly.

Her Lifetime Wish?

Golddigger, baby.

Yes. She wants to see the ghost of a wealthy spouse. So here, you will see her journey to seeing that wish through.

I warn you, though. It's gonna be a rocky road to gold-digger-ville. Venus is NOT a one-man woman. She is a force to be reckoned with. And I am usually easily persuaded to make all her wishes come true.

This could get interesting.

 This should have been MY STORY, dammit! Do I not OOZE charm?  Am I not evil? Am I not ruthless? You just wait. I'll show you evil and ruthless.

Ok, now I'm scared. 

That's what I thought.

Not scared enough to make you the main character. But I promise that I'll drop you in the town somewhere and make you a Taylor Lautner clone to procreate with. Think of it as a supporting role.

I suppose that will do.

Ok, can we move ahead with the story now?

 As long as it includes a shirtless Taylor Lautner, I'm game.
*sigh* Whatever you say. 

And now we have our main character:
Venus York, for your viewing pleasure.

Join us in chapter 1 to find out how she takes to being dropped in a shitty trailer park in Riverview.

And to see how many gorgeous babies me and Taylor have.

No one cares about you.

Speak for yourself. I am obviously a star.

Anyways...bye for now, folks! 


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